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Could the EU be New Coke?

Written by Michael Lewan People are always thinking about the next big idea. Sometimes these ideas work out great—using Dorito-flavored taco shells at Taco Bell? Awesome! Sometimes these ideas fail—replacing a perfectly delicious Coke with New Coke? Terrible! When an … Continue reading

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America: The Lifeguard?

Life preserver

Written by Mary-Katherine Ream In May of 2010, an Israeli navy team killed nine Turkish activists and wounded dozens more during a flotilla raid.  The flotilla, intended to break the Israeli blockade, was headed to the Gaza Strip with tons … Continue reading

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Correa on media and democracy in Latin America

Written by Jackie Kochell On Friday, President Rafael Correa of Ecuador addressed a crowd of journalists, students, and academics at Columbia University in New York. His speech, entitled “Vulnerable Societies: Media and Democracy in Latin America,” was delivered on the … Continue reading

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Palestinian veto request and U.S. image

Written by Su Kim September 23, 2011. A day that that rocked the Middle East and most of the rest of the world. On this day, Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas requested to the U.N that Palestine be granted full statehood. … Continue reading

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SU event celebrates cultures, touches on public diplomacy issues

Written by Jackie Kochell Diaspora communities in the U.S. are an integral focus of public diplomacy, as members of these communities link relations between the U.S. and countries abroad. Through Sunday, September 25, Syracuse University is celebrating the school’s African … Continue reading

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