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And the Oscar goes to…

Written by Nadia Hakim The 84th Academy Awards took place this past weekend, and this year’s show demonstrated how the arts continually unite visionaries around the world with novel ways of storytelling. The United States, France, Iran, Sweden, Israel, and … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Quran Burning and Language Training

Written by Roxanne Bauer Afghans and, indeed, Muslims throughout the world are protesting for a sixth day the recent and unintentional burning of Qur’an at the US’ largest base in Afghanistan.  Despite a direct apology from President Obama to Afghan … Continue reading

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Is Gaddafi really gone? Libya is on its way but needs preventive measures

Written by Sadegh Alhosseini Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan dictator, was killed; Libyans are supposedly free, at least for now. The question remains, though, if there is any guarantee they will remain free. Gaddafi’s brutal rule was made possible by oil revenues, a … Continue reading

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The Linguistics of Winning Hearts and Minds

Language: “the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way” (OED), or a system of verbal and nonverbal communicative cues that allow for a mutual exchange of thoughts … Continue reading

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Bahrain: Land of Pearls and Hospitality

Written by Michael McLean Being on a graduate school listserv is at times frustrating and annoying, but through the pleas for rides to New York City or DC and the incessant departmental emails about add drop dates and other administrative … Continue reading

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Definitions of Democracy: UAE’s alternative

Written by Tammy Mehdi I still remember November 2, 2004, as if it was yesterday, everything from the weather down to the clothes I was wearing. That day marked the end of an era – His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin … Continue reading

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Apple’s Supply-Chain Problem an Issue for its Image

Written by Jacob Kriss In recent weeks, there has been tremendous discussion of the international supply-chain practices of Apple, the behemoth, beloved technology company whose products have revolutionized consumer electronics. In recent articles in The New York Times, as well … Continue reading

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Romney’s win in Nevada and the need for economic diplomacy

Written by Roxanne Bauer Mitt Romney recently won the Nevada caucus, giving him a significant lead in the race for the Republican nomination for president.  His win in Nevada was expected and probably did not dramatically change many political forecasts.  … Continue reading

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Culture and Calories

Written by Nadia Hakim Many of my colleagues anticipated the topic of food to be the focus of my first post, and they were absolutely right. I have a growing interest, borderline obsession, with food being used as a means … Continue reading

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