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Western Aid v. Chinese Investment in Africa

A New Perspective on African Development or The White Man’s Burden and the Red Dragon: Western Aid v. Chinese Investment in Africa

In the last several decades, China has been moving in on the African continent. Unlike the American and European donors, who looked to turn the countries of Africa into the world’s largest charity, the Chinese have been looking at Africa as a land of unexploited opportunity. While Western donors have been shipping inconceivable amounts of food aid to drought-ravaged populations, the Chinese have been investing in infrastructure development and the growth of foundational industries… Continue reading

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The Road Ahead…. NATO and Afghanistan

World leaders are preparing to meet later this month, and expectations are high for all. The United States will host the G8 Summit at Camp David on May 18-19 and will then host North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meetings in Chicago on May 20-21.

The war in Afghanistan will be on the top of the agenda. G8 countries and NATO are attempting to formulate plans and build an Afghan army that can defend the country after around 130,000 international troops leave…. Continue reading

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Geopolitical Evolution: Time Will Tell

I have a geopolitical question: What do you think the world is going to look like at the end of your lifetime? Do you think we’ll see the consolidation of states into regions that are more like the United States or the European Union?

Presently, international organizations require the cooperation of their constituent countries, which is unlike governments that have the resources and authority to commit those resources to causes without consulting their constituents… Continue reading

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The Challenge of Making NATO’s Voice Heard

Written by Dr. Stefanie Babst, NATO’s Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy

Question: how many videos do you imagine are watched on YouTube each day. A few million? A couple of hundred million? The answer is actually 2 billion – and growing.

In 2007, Twitter saw 5,000 tweets a day. Today Twitter counts over 300 million registered users.

In 2012, the most popular social network, Facebook, reports more than 800 million active users. It is the world’s most visited website, accessible in 70 languages and consuming 700 billion minutes per month… Continue reading

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