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‘sup, Diplomacy? World Edition – Cameo Cheung

This is the first in an ongoing series featuring students and alumni of the Syracuse University Public Diplomacy Program.

As an intern with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in democracy/governance/conflict and public affairs, I have spent much of the last month catching up on the incredible work that USAID is doing in Uganda. I am coming to understand that much of USAID’s work in supporting, implementing… Continue reading

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Embracing Political Islam: Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptians elected Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood as the country’s first democratic president on Sunday. Morsi defeated former general and former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik by winning 51.7% the votes.

In response, tens of thousands congregated in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Sunday to celebrate. It was the largest gathering in Tahrir Square since Hosni Mubarak was ousted. Those gathered in the square set off fireworks… Continue reading

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The U.S. Navy: Bringing Aid and Rock to Africa


Rocking out isn’t exactly what one thinks about when they envision the U.S. Navy. However, that is exactly what I experienced when the HSV-2 Swift, a U.S. Navy hybrid catamaran vessel, visited Maputo, Mozambique where I am doing a summer internship with the U.S. Embassy. The Swift is on a humanitarian mission as part of the African Partnership Station, delivering books, wheelchairs, medical supplies, and other items at each port it visits…. Continue reading

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Foreign Investment in Afghanistan: The solution?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta visited India June 6 to discuss security issues related to South Asia. Among the topics discussed was Indian cooperation in the defense of and investment in Afghanistan. Following his trip, the third annual Indo-US strategic dialogue was held in Washington, D.C. on June 13, 2012.

This echoes earlier statements President Obama made that advocated a military “pivot” to Asia and which called India a “linchpin in this strategy.” Continue reading

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