Exchange: The Journal of Public Diplomacy is a graduate student-run print and online publication of the Association of Public Diplomacy Scholars (APDS) at Syracuse University. Exchange provides public diplomacy scholars and practitioners with a forum to share research and experience that expands the field’s body of knowledge. Exchange  publishes a range of articles pertaining to public diplomacy and related fields, including international relations, public relations, public affairs, media studies, cultural studies, economics, and nation branding.


Current Staff

Adam Cyr, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, and Web Content Manager

Russell Walker,

Co-Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Manager

Jeorge Cymon,

Articles Manager

We can all be contacted at:Exchangesupd@gmail.com

12-13 Staff

Sarah Blanchard, Editor-in-Chief

Elizabeth Howley, Managing Editor

Maggie Moore, Articles Manager

Yao Xiao, Articles Manager

Nicole Audette, Editorial Manager

Omnia Al Desoukie, Editorial Manager

Kevin McElligott, Web Content Manager

11-12 Staff

Roxanne Bauer, Editor-in-Chief

Nadia Hakim, Managing Editor

Cameo Chung, Articles Manager

Sadegh Alhosseini, Articles Manager

Jacob Kriss, Editorial Manager

Tammy Mehdi, Web Content Manager

10-11 Staff

Jackie Kochell, Editor-in-Chief

Su Kim, Managing Editor

Kristen Livingston, Articles Manager

Mary-Katherine Ream,  Editorial Manager

Tatyana Nosenko, Editorial Manager

Ryan J. Suto, Web Content Manager/Designer

Michael Lewan, Funding Manager

09-10 Staff

Nick Lombardo, Editor-in-Chief

April Gascon, Managing Editor

Anastasia Kolobrodova, Editorial Manager

Sadie May Davis, Editorial Manager

Attia Nasar, Web Content Manager/Designer

Theorina Li, Funding Manager