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Canada: The Strong, Silent Type

Written by Blake Stilwell, master’s candidate in the Public Diplomacy Program at Syracuse University. — This article is Pro-Canada. See? That being said, our neighbors to the North have an image problem. Have they done anything wrong? Lord, no. the … Continue reading

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Formula for Controversy

Written by Blake Stilwell, Public Diplomacy graduate student, Syracuse University

This Sunday saw the run of the Bahrain Grand Prix. This is (usually) one of the biggest things to happen in the small Gulf nation. It’s become an integral part of Bahraini culture and national identity. It is so culturally linked to the country that the Bahrain International Circuit is featured on the Half-Dinar note, putting it on par with King Hamad, Bahraini Pearl Divers, and the country’s first oil well, all images on other denominations of currency. The cultural and economic importance of this event, combined with everything that’s been happening in Bahrain in recent weeks… Continue reading

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