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Two Unique Graduate Programs, Two Football Teams, and Public Diplomacy Bragging Rights

This Saturday is the Super Bowl of public diplomacy graduate programs. Two of the only universities in the country to offer graduate programs in public diplomacy will meet on the gridiron. The Syracuse University Orange will take on the University of Southern California Trojans at MetLife Stadium in New York City (technically New Jersey) for the inaugural “New York’s College Classic.” Continue reading

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A luta continua: Against poverty, hunger, and HIV/AIDS in Mozambique

As a summer intern with the Department of State at the U.S. Embassy in Maputo, Mozambique, I have had the opportunity to see and do quite a bit in just my first month. Assigned to the Political/Economic Section, I am at the heart of the Embassy. The Political/Economic Section functions as sort of a “right hand” of the Ambassador and her Executive Office. Continue reading

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The U.S. Navy: Bringing Aid and Rock to Africa


Rocking out isn’t exactly what one thinks about when they envision the U.S. Navy. However, that is exactly what I experienced when the HSV-2 Swift, a U.S. Navy hybrid catamaran vessel, visited Maputo, Mozambique where I am doing a summer internship with the U.S. Embassy. The Swift is on a humanitarian mission as part of the African Partnership Station, delivering books, wheelchairs, medical supplies, and other items at each port it visits…. Continue reading

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Bahrain: Land of Pearls and Hospitality

Written by Michael McLean Being on a graduate school listserv is at times frustrating and annoying, but through the pleas for rides to New York City or DC and the incessant departmental emails about add drop dates and other administrative … Continue reading

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