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Olives and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

In the classroom and news, everyone talks and reads about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, but there is no textbook or feature story that can completely prepare you mentally, as an outsider. You are able to feel the bullet holes along the sides of the buildings, and you meet so many people who lost their fathers, brothers, and friends to the conflict. Continue reading

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The P-Word: Palestine as a State

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recently added the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem to its World Heritage List, with a vote of 13 to 6 at the World Heritage Committee meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia. The church is heralded as the birthplace of Jesus Christ, and is located in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Continue reading

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Training the Watchdog – A Free and Fair Press

When discussing the issues in Africa, most immediately think of development and stability in the region. A free and fair press usually does not make it across as a pressing problem.

I know that I never gave it much thought until I attended a presentation by Ken Harper, a photojournalism professor at the Newhouse School of Public Communication. He travels to Liberia and trains journalists in the capital, Monrovia. After decades of civil war, the country is on the road to recovery…. Continue reading

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Only Human – Making War Okay

  Written by Nadia Hakim   Last night, I went with a couple of colleagues to a small talk on the potential nuclear war between Israel and Iran. A new Israeli organization of undergraduates on campus coordinated the meeting and … Continue reading

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Trendy Activism – KONY 2012

Written by Nadia Hakim   Over the past couple of weeks, the video entitled  “KONY 2012” spread virally over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and any other crevice it could crawl into. According to the maker’s website, “KONY 2012 is a film … Continue reading

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And the Oscar goes to…

Written by Nadia Hakim The 84th Academy Awards took place this past weekend, and this year’s show demonstrated how the arts continually unite visionaries around the world with novel ways of storytelling. The United States, France, Iran, Sweden, Israel, and … Continue reading

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Culture and Calories

Written by Nadia Hakim Many of my colleagues anticipated the topic of food to be the focus of my first post, and they were absolutely right. I have a growing interest, borderline obsession, with food being used as a means … Continue reading

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