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China’s Strategic Investment in Adorable Exports: Panda Diplomacy

Newest panda cub at the National Zoo

By Maggie Moore, Syracuse University public diplomacy student Apparently China’s decision to share the adorableness that is the Giant Panda with zoos across the globe is a strategic calculation to garner the world’s goodwill. The Chinese government hopes that the … Continue reading

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The Arts Mean Business

By Alexandra Siclait, Syracuse University public diplomacy student About nine months ago, I read a particularly pleasing white paper, “Creative Placemaking,” which reminded me that cultural diplomacy is well and alive in cities across the United States. In creative placemaking, … Continue reading

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Grand Slam Globetrotters – The World’s Embrace of Tennis and its Stars


By Andrea Baldwin, Public Diplomacy student, Syracuse University Is the “GOAT” (greatest of all time) Swiss? Or Spanish? Or Serbian? While New York may be home to one of the annual Grand Slam tennis tournaments, it is no longer home … Continue reading

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Africa’s 21st Century Challenge: African Narratives

2013-08-17 15.25.54

By Nicole Audette, Syracuse University public diplomacy student, Exchange co-editor When I first started studying Africa, I was pulled to the continent because I thought it needed me. The stories I read in the media told me this was a continent … Continue reading

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The power of petrodollars: Life in one of the richest countries in the world


By: Hadeel Alhaddadeh, Syracuse University Public Diplomacy student The world has been  impressed by Qatar’s soft power, which has spread like wildfire in the last 20 years. Qatar has succeeded to manage its soft power assets, from establishing Al Jazeera … Continue reading

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Traditional Diplomacy: Evolving But Not Forgotten

UN Flag

By Sarah Blanchard, Editor-in-Chief of Exchange , Public Diplomacy student The public diplomacy academia in recent years has evolved to include the newest tools of diplomacy that the Internet and globalization have created for the strategic management of diplomacy.  Traditional forms … Continue reading

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Can culture be owned?


By Alexandra Siclait, Public diplomacy student, Syracuse University In Cosmopolitan: Ethics in a world of strangers, philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah strikes at the root of a subject I have not sensibly penetrated: Can culture be owned?[1] In other words, can … Continue reading

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Foreign Films- Cultural Education


By Andrea Baldwin, public diplomacy student, Syracuse University Hollywood dominates the international movie market.  This is great for those in Hollywood, and can be a benefit for America’s public and cultural diplomacy, but what else does this mean? I find film … Continue reading

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The US and Cuba 50 years later

AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa

By Sarah Blanchard, Public Diplomacy student, Syracuse University Recently, American singers Beyoncé and Jay-Z went to Cuba to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.  This tropical nation full of white sand beaches and clear water from the Caribbean Sea attracts tourists … Continue reading

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Space: The new frontier for public diplomacy?

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By Kelly McCray, public diplomacy student, Syracuse University This weekend I attended the Conference on Diversity in International Affairs in Washington, DC. The conference was organized by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Global Access Pipeline and the International Career … Continue reading

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