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China’s Strategic Investment in Adorable Exports: Panda Diplomacy

Newest panda cub at the National Zoo

By Maggie Moore, Syracuse University public diplomacy student Apparently China’s decision to share the adorableness that is the Giant Panda with zoos across the globe is a strategic calculation to garner the world’s goodwill. The Chinese government hopes that the … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding, Liberia and Diplomacy

By Hadeel Alhaddadeh, Public Diplomacy student, Syracuse University I grew up in West Bank, Palestine thinking that Palestine is one of the few places that people are trying to live for the sake of living. But, reality is way different that … Continue reading

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Remaining Neutral in the South China Sea

The conflict between China and Japan over disputed islands in the East China Sea is escalating. Japan purchased the islands, which were previously leased by the government from a Japanese family, for $26.18 million, stimulating Chinese reaction that ranges from protests to diplomatic calls for restraint. The foreign ministry of China has stated they view the purchase to be “illegal and invalid.” Continue reading

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Olives and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

In the classroom and news, everyone talks and reads about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, but there is no textbook or feature story that can completely prepare you mentally, as an outsider. You are able to feel the bullet holes along the sides of the buildings, and you meet so many people who lost their fathers, brothers, and friends to the conflict. Continue reading

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Foreign Investment in Afghanistan: The solution?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta visited India June 6 to discuss security issues related to South Asia. Among the topics discussed was Indian cooperation in the defense of and investment in Afghanistan. Following his trip, the third annual Indo-US strategic dialogue was held in Washington, D.C. on June 13, 2012.

This echoes earlier statements President Obama made that advocated a military “pivot” to Asia and which called India a “linchpin in this strategy.” Continue reading

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Western Aid v. Chinese Investment in Africa

A New Perspective on African Development or The White Man’s Burden and the Red Dragon: Western Aid v. Chinese Investment in Africa

In the last several decades, China has been moving in on the African continent. Unlike the American and European donors, who looked to turn the countries of Africa into the world’s largest charity, the Chinese have been looking at Africa as a land of unexploited opportunity. While Western donors have been shipping inconceivable amounts of food aid to drought-ravaged populations, the Chinese have been investing in infrastructure development and the growth of foundational industries… Continue reading

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The Road Ahead…. NATO and Afghanistan

World leaders are preparing to meet later this month, and expectations are high for all. The United States will host the G8 Summit at Camp David on May 18-19 and will then host North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meetings in Chicago on May 20-21.

The war in Afghanistan will be on the top of the agenda. G8 countries and NATO are attempting to formulate plans and build an Afghan army that can defend the country after around 130,000 international troops leave…. Continue reading

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Who’s next on ‘hacktivist’ hit list?

Written by Jacob Kriss   Since the advent of the Internet, hacking had always seemed the stuff of Hollywood films: an oft-dramatized activity practiced by sweaty-browed stars with seconds to save the world from nuclear annihilation and win the girl. … Continue reading

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Is Gaddafi really gone? Libya is on its way but needs preventive measures

Written by Sadegh Alhosseini Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan dictator, was killed; Libyans are supposedly free, at least for now. The question remains, though, if there is any guarantee they will remain free. Gaddafi’s brutal rule was made possible by oil revenues, a … Continue reading

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Romney’s win in Nevada and the need for economic diplomacy

Written by Roxanne Bauer Mitt Romney recently won the Nevada caucus, giving him a significant lead in the race for the Republican nomination for president.  His win in Nevada was expected and probably did not dramatically change many political forecasts.  … Continue reading

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