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Grand Slam Globetrotters – The World’s Embrace of Tennis and its Stars


By Andrea Baldwin, Public Diplomacy student, Syracuse University Is the “GOAT” (greatest of all time) Swiss? Or Spanish? Or Serbian? While New York may be home to one of the annual Grand Slam tennis tournaments, it is no longer home … Continue reading

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Africa’s 21st Century Challenge: African Narratives

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By Nicole Audette, Syracuse University public diplomacy student, Exchange co-editor When I first started studying Africa, I was pulled to the continent because I thought it needed me. The stories I read in the media told me this was a continent … Continue reading

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Not An Attraction: The Great Firewall of China


By Yao Xiao, Exchange articles co-manager, Syracuse University public diplomacy student An article titled Hackers, bloggers and professors team up to tap into locked microblog content was published on Global Times (an English-Language daily tabloid under the auspices of People’s Daily, … Continue reading

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They know what we did last summer

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By Kevin McElligott, Public Diplomacy graduate student, Syracuse University Edward Snowden, the now infamous public diplomacy headache and leaker of American surveillance secrets, has made quite the name for himself. Putting aside the bevy of international incidents he’s caused in … Continue reading

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Civil Disobedience


By Philip Bristol, public diplomacy student, Syracuse University What do Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., the members of Pussy Riot, and Ali Ihsan Varol, a Turkish game-show host, all have in common? The use of civil disobedience as a form … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda’s new media strategy

Source: AFP/Fethi Belaid

By Omnia Al Desoukie, Exchange Editorial Manager, Syracuse University student In an effort to show that they no longer work from caves, the terrorist organization “Al Qaeda” has begun spreading their jihadist messages by using Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Video … Continue reading

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Foreign Films- Cultural Education


By Andrea Baldwin, public diplomacy student, Syracuse University Hollywood dominates the international movie market.  This is great for those in Hollywood, and can be a benefit for America’s public and cultural diplomacy, but what else does this mean? I find film … Continue reading

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Government interests and media intertwined?

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By Omnia Al Desoukie, Newhouse graduate student, Syracuse University In late March 2011, CNN’s reporter Amber Lyon and crewmembers traveled to Bahrain in order to produce a one-hour documentary on the use of Internet and social media during the uprising … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera English and the Arab Spring — Testing claims of bias

Before and after the spring of 2011, Al Jazeera, the controversial TV-station located in Qatar, was described by scholars as having played a key role within the country’s external strategy. Khaled Hroub for example argues, that the Arab Spring, “a real people’s uprising against decades of repression, owes its rapid spread to the influence of Al Jazeera, the voice of the silent majority in the Near East” Continue reading

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The United Kingdom and the Rise of Digital Public Diplomacy

Technological developments in the field of digital communication have revolutionized the practice of public diplomacy. A considerable number of countries have recognized the many opportunities offered by these new technologies and have embraced them. Countries that fail to understand the importance of digital public diplomacy are greatly disadvantaged, and this is widely recognized. Continue reading

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