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Public Diplomacy and Terrorists: The Tragedy in Nairobi


By Nicole Audette, Syracuse University public diplomacy student, Exchange co-editor —– On Saturday September 21, Al-Shabaab militants laid siege on a popular upscale mall in Nairobi, Kenya – A place where only one month ago I could have been found enjoying … Continue reading

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The US and Cuba 50 years later

AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa

By Sarah Blanchard, Public Diplomacy student, Syracuse University Recently, American singers Beyoncé and Jay-Z went to Cuba to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.  This tropical nation full of white sand beaches and clear water from the Caribbean Sea attracts tourists … Continue reading

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The trouble with red lines

Photo courtesy Freedom House via Google Images/Creative Commons.

By Kevin McElligott, Public Diplomacy graduate student, Syracuse University After much talk of whether North Korea, and Iran before it, had crossed the ambiguous “red line” demanding a military response, the Obama administration faces much deeper tests of resolve and … Continue reading

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Government interests and media intertwined?

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By Omnia Al Desoukie, Newhouse graduate student, Syracuse University In late March 2011, CNN’s reporter Amber Lyon and crewmembers traveled to Bahrain in order to produce a one-hour documentary on the use of Internet and social media during the uprising … Continue reading

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“Basketball Diplomacy” or Dennis Rodman being….Dennis Rodman?

Photo source: Flickr Creative Commons

By Andi Baldwin, Public Diplomacy student, Syracuse University Talk about a good way to create buzz about your new show before it premiers: bring Dennis Rodman to the DPRK and party all night with Kim Jong Un—and remind everyone that … Continue reading

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The future of U.S. foreign aid


By Kevin McElligott, Public Diplomacy student, Syracuse University As John Kerry embarks on his first overseas trip as Secretary of State, a nine-nation endeavor that will see him call on our western European allies and multiple states in the Middle East, … Continue reading

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Secretary of State Kerry’s First Day


By Maggie Moore, Public Diplomacy student, Syracuse University John Kerry began work today as the new U.S. Secretary of State after his swift confirmation in the Senate last week. He spent his first day on the job addressing his new … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera English and the Arab Spring — Testing claims of bias

Before and after the spring of 2011, Al Jazeera, the controversial TV-station located in Qatar, was described by scholars as having played a key role within the country’s external strategy. Khaled Hroub for example argues, that the Arab Spring, “a real people’s uprising against decades of repression, owes its rapid spread to the influence of Al Jazeera, the voice of the silent majority in the Near East” Continue reading

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‘sup, Diplomacy? – World Edition: Evhenia Viatchaninova

Written by Evhenia Viatchaninova, a master’s candidate in the Public Diplomacy Program at Syracuse University. — In line with my fellow PD colleagues, I’d like to update the world on my summer 2012 and a fine example of citizen activism … Continue reading

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Nationalism in Norway: One Year after the Oslo Massacre

Last week, Anders Behring Breivik’s trial began on charges of voluntary homicide and committing acts of terror. He gave an account of what went through his head as he set off a bomb outside the government headquarters in Oslo, Norway, before slipping away and gunning down teenagers on Utoya Island. In total, 77 people lost their lives on July 22, 2011… Continue reading

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