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China’s Public Diplomacy Runs on a One-Way Street


By Yao Xiao, Syracuse University public diplomacy student As a firm embracer of two-way symmetrical communication theory, I discovered, with sadness, that China’s public diplomacy efforts have long been following a one-way communication model. There are five events you will … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera English and the Arab Spring — Testing claims of bias

Before and after the spring of 2011, Al Jazeera, the controversial TV-station located in Qatar, was described by scholars as having played a key role within the country’s external strategy. Khaled Hroub for example argues, that the Arab Spring, “a real people’s uprising against decades of repression, owes its rapid spread to the influence of Al Jazeera, the voice of the silent majority in the Near East” Continue reading

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Everybody’s tragedy

The recent attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. In the following days, Americans mourned the loss of our brethren and reeled from evidence that out in the world there are still people angry enough, with enough hatred, to want Americans dead. Continue reading

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The Challenge of Making NATO’s Voice Heard

Written by Dr. Stefanie Babst, NATO’s Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy

Question: how many videos do you imagine are watched on YouTube each day. A few million? A couple of hundred million? The answer is actually 2 billion – and growing.

In 2007, Twitter saw 5,000 tweets a day. Today Twitter counts over 300 million registered users.

In 2012, the most popular social network, Facebook, reports more than 800 million active users. It is the world’s most visited website, accessible in 70 languages and consuming 700 billion minutes per month… Continue reading

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Open Governance and Public Diplomacy

Written by Ryan J. Suto   This post will focus on what I see are the theoretically similar foundations of both open governance and public diplomacy. I argue that both these concepts rely, in large part, on the concept of … Continue reading

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A network-oriented America

by Mary-Katherine Ream After reading Gideon Rachman’s article in the Financial Times yesterday, I feel compelled to react. In it, he addresses America’s need to admit its global power decline to allow for a discussion of how to reverse or … Continue reading

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Could the EU be New Coke?

Written by Michael Lewan People are always thinking about the next big idea. Sometimes these ideas work out great—using Dorito-flavored taco shells at Taco Bell? Awesome! Sometimes these ideas fail—replacing a perfectly delicious Coke with New Coke? Terrible! When an … Continue reading

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Palestinian veto request and U.S. image

Written by Su Kim September 23, 2011. A day that that rocked the Middle East and most of the rest of the world. On this day, Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas requested to the U.N that Palestine be granted full statehood. … Continue reading

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An intersection of law and public diplomacy? International defamation law


Written by Ryan J. Suto Photo by steakpinball This is a summary and review of the article Should states have a legal right to reputation? Applying the rationales of defamation law to the international arena by Elad Peled. It appears … Continue reading

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Public Diplomacy in the Digital Era – Toward New Partnerships


“In my view public diplomacy should be a shared enterprise of global engagement involving government, communicators, policy experts, civil society and academe.” – Dr. Michael Schneider
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