2014: Public Diplomacy in Emerging Nations

The 2014 theme will focus on “Public Diplomacy in Emerging Nations.” It began as an attempt to observe public diplomacy from a non-American perspective. It has spiraled into this journal which is chocked full of different perspectives about public diplomacy and how it is practiced around the world.

It should be noted that we are using a very loose definition of emerging nations. Turkey, India, China, Russia, and Mexico are anything but emerging nations. They are full-fledged countries that are major players in the world. We think this makes the journal even more relevant. Comparative studies are an increasingly important part of political science; therefore it needs to become an important of public diplomacy so that we as a discipline can move forward.

Here is a PDF of the full version of the Exchange: Exchange 2014

India’s Digital Diaspora Diplomacy by Bhattiprolu Murti & R.S. Zaharna

Keeping the Mexican Moment Alive by Fernando de la Mora

Russification of Soft Power by Yelena Osipova

Turkish Soap Opera Diplomacy by B. Senem Çevik

Misconceptions in Comparative Study of Public Diplomacy by Liang Pan

Public Diplomacy and the Self in Regional Organization by Daniel J. Smith

Cover-page-0012013: Public Diplomacy: Actors and actions in a globalized world

The 2013 theme will focus on “What is public diplomacy?” and the role of the different actors involved in public diplomacy. This includes government actors and non-government actors, including NGOs, businesses, and nonprofits, along with encompassing the tools of mediated public diplomacy and nation-branding. If you are interested in submitting an article for the 2013 edition, please check the information under the “Submissions” tab.

National Image of South Korea: Implications for Future Public Diplomacy by Dennis F. Kinsey and Myojung Chung

Diplomacy 2.0: The Future of Social Media in Nation Branding by Britney Harris

Watchdog or Lapdog? The Role of U.S. Media in the International Humanitarian Intervention in Libya by Maggie Moore

KONY2012: The New Face of Citizen Engagement by Nicole Audette

Rebranding Greece:Why Nation Branding Matters by Sofia Bisa

Social Media and Public Diplomacy: Foreign to China’s Environmental Movements by Licheng Zhu

Dancing in Davos: Combining Private Sector, Government, and Rising Nonstate Actors by Siyu Li

UNESCO and the U.S. at the Palestinian Impasse: Using a Boomerang Pattern to Public Diplomacy by Oscar Castellanos del Collado

Modeling Global Citizenship as a Learning Process by Ryan Williams


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2012: Global Contests

Our Wavin’ Flag: U.S. Public Diplomacy Outreach During the 2010 World Cup by Sharon Hudson-Dean, Counselor for Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy, Harare, Zimbabwe
Illusions of Unity: The Paradox Between Mega-Sporting Events and Nation Building by Terrance Carroll, Syracuse University
From Stadiums to Shuttle Diplomacy: Qatar’s Emergence as a Regional Diplomatic Power by Kedar Pavgi, Atlantic Media Company; and Nakul Kadaba, George Mason University
Sports Diplomacy in a Conflict Environment: The Case for Continued Efforts in Afghanistan by Ryan Robertson
The New Public Diplomacy: The Winning Move in Revolutions by Shannon Zimmerman, Georgetown University
Iran’s Soft Power Borne of Necessity and Complexity of its Multi-Dimensional Audience by Hiva Feizi, University of South Florida; and Babak Telebi, University of Maryland, College Park
Legitimating Jewish Identity Amidst Chaos: Zionist Public Diplomacy by Rudy Stoler, Goucher College
The Obama Effect in the Arab World by Ryan J. Suto, Syracuse University
Factors Affecting the U.S. International Image: The Potential for Public Diplomacy in the Short- and Long-Term by Frank Louis Rusciano, Rider University
Medvedev vs. Putin in Kremlin-sponsored Advertorials in the U.S. and India by Evhenia Viatchaninova, Syracuse University
The Other War Next Door: Violent Crime in Central America and the U.S. Response by Ross Albert, John C. Whitehead School of Diplomacy & International Relations, Seton Hall University
Mexico & Venezuela: Losing the Soft Power Sweepstakes at the Polls by Rick Rockwell, American University
Contests as a Tool of Public Diplomacy: The “India is…” Global Video Contest by Navdeep Suri, Joint Secretary & Head of Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, India



2011: Facets of Public Diplomacy

Beyond the Nation Brand- The Role of Image and Identity in International Relations By Simon Anholt, UK Foreign Office Public Diplomacy BoardB
Cocina Peruana Para El Mundo: Gastrodiplomacy, the Culinary Nation Brand, and the Context of National Cuisine in Peru By Rachel Wilson, Syracuse University
The Power of Culture in Diplomacy: The Case of U.S. Cultural Diplomacy in France and Germany by Sofia Kitsou, Ionian University
Searching for Influence and Persuasion in Network-Oriented Public Diplomacy: What Role for “Small States”? by Ivaylo Iaydjiev, University of Bath
Stretching the Parameters of Diplomatic Protocol: Incursion into Public Diplomacy by Dr. Shahihul Alam, Independent University
Changing Tunes for Public Diplomacy: Exploring the Domestic Dimension by Ellen Huijgh, Netherlands Institute of International Relations
Public Diplomacy Following 9/11: The Saudi Peace Initiative and “Allies” Media Campain by Candace Ren Burnham, University of Southern California
Book Review: The Practice of Public Diplomacy- Confronting Challenges Abroad by Dr. Michael Schneider, Syracuse University



2010: Inaugural Issue of Exchange

Featured Articles

Public Diplomacy Scholars and Practitioners: Thoughts for an Ongoing Conversation
by Bruce Gregory, George Washington University & Georgetown University
Where Rubber Meets the Road: PD As It is Practiced Abroad
by William Kiehl, ED.D, President and CEO of PD Worldwide
Public Diplomacy in the Digital Era: Toward New Partnerships
by Dr. Michael Schneider, Syracuse University
The Public Diplomacy Enlightenment
by Andrew Kneale, Cultural Relations Manager, British Council, USA

Academic Articles

The Impact of Visual Images on Non-U.S. Citizens’ Attitudes About the United States: A Q-Study in Visual Public Diplomacy
by Dr. Dennis Kinsey, Syracuse University & Dr. Olga Zatepilina, Appalachian State University
See For Yourself: Rebranding Northern Baja Through Public Diplomacy
by H. Efe Sevin, American University SIS
Not Quite the Sum of its Parts: Public Diplomacy From an Australian Perspective
by Dr. Caitlin Byrne, Bond University
Contemporary Trends in Czech Public Diplomacy
by Jana Peterkova, University of Economics, Prague

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