‘sup, Diplomacy? – World Edition: Nika Ankou

Written by Nika Ankou, master’s candidate in the Public Diplomacy Program at Syracuse University.

I remember having heard as a first-year public diplomacy graduate student that my degree is a gateway to unlimited career opportunities. I was advised to be flexible and open-minded. However, I would have never imagined working for a company that specializes in digital game- based learning.


Keeping an open mind, I accepted an offer to do my internship with KTM in Strasbourg, France, though I knew nothing about the Serious Game industry. My responsibility as a multi-lingual intern with communications training is to support the both team in Strasbourg and at the headquarters in Paris, France. I edit and translate project proposals, press releases and profiles for recently produced pedagogical games.

These Serious Games cover a wide range of issues. For example, I rewrote from French to English a profile and a Twitter feed for a client who launched this June a Serious Game during the UN Summit on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Then, I worked for a month with the project manager for Germany editing a new pedagogical game for a multinational corporation to train employees on issues of corruption and bribery.

Willingness to work in unfamiliar territory is proving to be rewarding. My knowledge in comparative communication practices is expanding, and I am gaining insight into the technical world of online learning programming and pedagogical engineering. A highlight of my experience was to discover recently that a profile on which I collaborated was published on the company’s website.

I am very surprised to see myself working in this field, but I am also very glad that my training in public diplomacy gives me unrestricted career opportunities in any field at any location on the globe.

Views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of any organization, agency, or department.

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