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I would like a visa, please. – Diplomacy and Consular Services

I needed a Chinese visa. Ordinarily this process would be fairly straight forward: assemble required documentation, mail completed visa application materials with passport to consulate/embassy, receive passport with approved visa. Not so. At least, not so in Uganda. Instead, I … Continue reading

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Diplomacy at Home: Holding Down the Fort

Written by Kelli Cooney, Master’s Candidate in the Public Diplomacy Program at Syracuse University. — My public diplomacy efforts this summer are focused on Asia, the Middle East, South and Central America, some Caribbean Islands, West, East and Central Africa … Continue reading

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Public Diplomacy in the Digital Era – Toward New Partnerships


“In my view public diplomacy should be a shared enterprise of global engagement involving government, communicators, policy experts, civil society and academe.” – Dr. Michael Schneider
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